Technological excellence without compromise in the heart of Europe

Founded in 2005, Di.Co. Romania is committed to provide the customers with excellence CNC services for precision custom-made machined parts with an uncompromising emphasis on quality and service.

Thanks to the application of sophisticated equipment, software and technologies we are able at all times to realize complex parts quickly and serve a large variety of sectors, such as: automotive, industrial automation, rail transport, packaging, pharmaceutical, food, etc.
Moreover, thanks to the network of suppliers and partners created on Romanian territory and in Craiova we provide an all-encompassing service, which can include surface treatments (both heat and chemical), painting and, if requested, the realization of castings for subsequent machining.

We can also provide electrical and mechanical assembly, from highly sophisticated subassemblies to entire machines, and send our assemblers to the customer’s production unit for mechanical and electrical assembly services.
In addition to this, our technicians have been trained to provide installation, revision and testing services both at our place and at the customers’ plants, depending on their needs.

Di.Co. Romania can count on the industrial power of international partners that provide qualified managers, training, technologies and financial resources.

We had rapid growth over the years thanks also to strong links with the University of Craiova that facilitated access to quality research and highly qualified personnel.
What we offer is:

  • Low production prices
  • Quick and punctual delivery
  • High quality standards through the use of modern production technologies

Flexible organization, cutting-edge technologies, special care for the finishing touch, continuous process optimization through customers’ feedbacks, make us a dynamic company a reliable partner for CNC services.

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